fCube! ceiling void units represent fan-coils of the new generation. Their cooling/heating capacities fully meet the demands of modern administrative and hotel buildings. They feature compact dimensions and a unique design.

Оne compact size

Maximum effort to ensure flexibility of the interior layout, which leads to an invisible segmentation into building modules, is the characteristic feature of modern commercial buildings, for which our fCube! has been designed. We have put this modular principle into the „DNA“ of our „cube“, which is precisely dimensioned to accommodate the demands of modern commercial, respectively, hotel buildings. fCube! is a „cube“ precisely calculated to create the building‘s air-conditioning. Its dimensions of 570×570×240 match the size of a standard ceiling caisson and clearance of the inter-ceiling space.

Stable and optimum performance

Available cooling/heating capacities meet the demands of modern commercial, respectively, hotel buildings. For a standard thermal load (men 10 W/m2, lighting 10 W/m2, technology, sunlight load and heat transfer 80-100 W/m2) for which modern commercial buildings are designed, the need for cooling capacity is 1650 W and for heating capacity 450 to 700 W. Our special 3D exchangers are designed for low-potential heating (55-45, 50-40, 45-35, etc.) and also enable high-temperature non-condenser cooling. 

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