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We offer you a wide range of devices for different operating conditions. Designing with us is quick, error-free and simple…

Our solutions make your work easier and quick. REMAK designing details and our AeroCAD selection programme ensure complex, precise and verified information, which you can rely on. Thanks to the exacting development and product testing we guarantee excellent technical characteristics and compliance with norms and regulations. Our designing support makes your selection easy and quick and provides necessary base of knowledge and information.

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You will appreciate quick deliveries, high quality and reliability. Your final product with our air handling and control will be an outstanding reference for you...

Our solutions help you to reach excellent results for minimal price. We care for easy installation and maintenance of our products. Our air-handling systems are optimally consistent with control. Quick, trouble-free installation and safe operation is guaranteed. Our prices ensure perfect relation to device output and characteristics and our business policy supports regular buyers. We offer many supporting services such as carriage, assembly, device start-up, service engineers training…

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We know you expect quality, trouble-free operation, operating cost and cost of investment savings. We not only know this, we fulfil it…

Our solution brings you savings, reliability, comfort. Devices we produce are modern and regardful of living environment. Air-handling systems with built-in control and ability to connect to LAN networks or Internet make the control and remote supervision easy. Warranty for even 5 years offers confidence. Air-handling systems consistent with control, low operation cost and head service ensures your calm and your work.

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