Remak Application

Remak Application

The REMAK mobile application is our specialised configuration of the Inthouse application as a platform for mobile control of intelligent houses based on Siemens controllers. It enables basic touch control and monitoring of REMAK VCS control units based on Siemens Climatix controllers using a mobile device (phone or tablet) with OS Android (v. 4.0.3 or higher).

Simplest Control of VCS Control Units and REMAK Air-handling Equipment


The REMAK mobile application enables basic touch control and monitoring of VCS control units based on using a mobile device (phone or tablet).

It is an optional addition, resp. extension add-on, to the complex/service remote HMI@ WEB interface (in which the AHU/VCS system must be commissioned).

This application can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play. Search for "Inthouse" and select "Install". When starting the application for the first time, enter the configuration ID you received with your VCS control unit (please make a distinction between lower and upper case letters).


Basic Features


Starting/switching off the device


Operating mode

Ventilation output

Temperature/humidification mode


Humidity Limit values of the inlet air temperature/humidity

Fan outputs

Weekly time schedule

Device operation state monitoring

Reset of failures (after removal)

Direct access to the service HMI@ WEB interface from an internet browser for detailed parameter settings (control coefficients, etc.)

Operating mode and function settings

Automatic or manual selection of language versions

Possibility to switch between multiple air-handling units (control units)

Direct linking to the current on-line manual.


We have prepared a DEMO version for you!


Configuration ID: C-DEMO-REMA-K001

When installing the device, you need to use the "Local connection" option.

IP address:

Port: 10203

Password PLC (JSON): SBTAdmin!

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