Mobile application for VCS - now available also for Apple iOS

The REMAK mobile application, as a tool for controlling VCS control units (and REMAK air handling units), has become very popular. The expectations of user-friendly and intuitive operation have been confirmed, among other things, by the frequent version requirements for Apple iOS users. Since October 1, 2019, the Inthouse mobile application is also available in the Apple store. The app can be used on devices running iOS 12.2 and higher - especially iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Anyone interested can download the app in the Apple store for free on their compatible Apple devices. For existing control units, users can also use the existing ID configurations for iOS version. Alternatively, you can test the REMAK DEMO configuration to familiarize yourself with the application before installing it in the device. The iOS app in this first version is not fully identical to the Android app. More on the Remak mobile app product page.