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Who we are

We are the largest manufacturer of high-quality air-handling devices with a tradition dating back to 1992. At our 32.000 m2 headquarters in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, we give work to about 250 employees. Further dozens of employees take care of the production and commercial services of the REMAK brand at our commercial agencies in the Russian Federation. In total, including our twenty-five distributors in Europe and Asia, we export about 60 % of our products.


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The Key to Success

For us, the quality and reliability of our products, along with their comprehensiveness, are the keys to our success. The company is supported by a team of experts with many years of experience in the field of airhandling and ventilation. We are aware of the fact that customers buy our products as a part of the service we provide to them.


Support and service

The pre-sale support in designing air-handling devices is our strength and we enjoy it. We also place the same importance on after-sales support and services. Customer-specific solutions are always a positive challenge for us.


Equipment Design

We have developed AeroCAD, a unique design tool, enabling fast and error-free selection of air-handling units and the calculation of all aerodynamic and thermodynamic parameters.


Participation in Exhibitions

We regularly meet customers at major specialised international fairs, such as Aqua-Therm in Prague, Resta in Lithuania, SwissBau in Switzerland and Mir Klimata in Moscow.


Guaranteed Parameters and Quality

We have acquired the EUROVENT European certification and ISO 9001:2009 quality certificates.


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