Roof fans

Roof fans

Quiet, fully controllable roof fans with vertical outlet are intended for air exhaust and ventilation of apartments, bathrooms, department stores, community centres, swimming pools, gymnasiums, kitchens and canteens, workshops, storage halls, stables, industrial and production plants, etc. Using a roof adaptor, these fans can be situated on flat as well as sloping roofs.

12 types of fans are available, 4 types equipped with single-phase motors and 8 types equipped with three-phase motors.


8 types of roof adaptors NK (respectively NDH – integrated attenuator) are available.


- Air flow rate 550 to 13,000 m3/h
- Innovated compact, solid design
- Damper design preventing direct water penetration
- Enhanced parameters and reduced sound level
- State-of-the-art plastic V-pro type impellers equipped with profiled blades
- Anticorrosive aluminium design
- Output control
- Wide range of accessories (roof adaptors, attenuators, back-flow dampers, elastic connections)
- Optional installation of Isolator switch