AeroMaster XP

AeroMaster XP

AeroMaster XP modular air-handling units are designed for easy to use air-handling and airconditioning solutions intended for standard as well as clean area applications. They represent the highest quality class of air-handling units with an air output up to 28.000 m3/h (Ecodesign version up to 19.000 m3/h). The frameless casing, L1 air leakage class, mineral wool insulation of the casing with a density of 110 kg/m3 and labyrinth connection of the AeroMaster XP casing panels enabled us to achieve high strength and acoustic attenuation.


Depending on the service life of materials, we offer several variants to our customers.

Normal ventilation

— Swimming-pool halls

— Clean plants and healthcare service

— Industry, agriculture and food


We offer our customers a wide range of designs, including the following: