VCS control unit are compact control and power distributors used for the decentralized regulation and control of air-handling systems. They provide the equipment with high stability and safety while allowing easy control, including the viewing of operating states.

The latest Features

This control system is based on a Siemens controller and provides all the features requested by customers, starting with control dependant on the CO2 content in the room, adjustable time and temperature modes, free cooling up to connection to the parent control system.


Remote control using mobile application

REMAK application allows basic touch control and monitoring of VCS series control units using a mobile device (phone, tablet) based on Google Android OS or Apple iOS. For more information, visit the product page of the application.


The application can be freely downloaded from Google Play




Data Visualization and Acquisition (SCADA VCS)

A new web interface providing intuitive control of all air-handling parameters. An effective tool for monitoring and tuning device operation which provides visualization of air-handling devices, a well-arranged list of failures/history, well-arranged settings of time schedules and the calendar, monitoring and tuning of the air-handling unit’s behaviour using trends (current/archive) and the HMI@ WEB controller, which enables access to all data points.


You can try out the data visualization using our demo unit via the following link (Chrome internet browser is recommended):


User name: SCADA

Password: 1234


REMAK application GUI


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