New VCS visualization

Visualization of HVAC equipment significantly simplifies the work of the operator and service. Thanks to the clear schematic representation of the unit, it is possible to comfortably monitor and control selected operating parameters of the device. We have developed a new compact web interface together with the HMI@ WEB controller in response to the constant development of technical possibilities.

Compared to the previous SCADA visualization, the new interface has the following advantages:

• the quality of the display is at a much higher level - vector graphics are used, the diagram of the device is always rendered well and with high quality in the correct size on both a large monitor and a small mobile device 
• the display is dynamic - it changes the positions of the dampers, the colors of individual components (operation, fault), etc. 
• Response speed increased - image loading speed, data value changes, and user response are instantaneous.

You can see for yourself on our Demo - see the VCS product page.