Our compact unit is small, simple and cost-effective. We deliver catalogue as well as customised solutions, and this unit can be adapted to specific shape and dimension requirements.

The CAKE Series is a solution for installations in confined spaces (usually reconstructions and buildings with an expensive floor area).


It has low requirements for maintenance staff experience. It can be installed in mild, subtropical and subpolar zones.


With its features and parameters, it is predetermined to be used in commercial areas (e.g. areas for retail of goods and services, offices, shops and schools).


This compact unit complies with the Ecodesign requirements for the years 2016 and 2018.

Thanks to the sophisticated control with an energy management system, which includes features such as night turn, night cooling, temperature start-up, start optimisation, automatic temperature and fan output correction, mixing according to external conditions, etc., CAKE units can provide as economical operation as possible.


With its D1 mechanical stability, L1 casing air leakage, T2 thermal insulation and TB2 thermal bridging factor, our compact CAKE unit stands up well in a highly competitive environment and is among the best products on the market.


We produce Air-handling Units with Rotary Heat Exchangers (CAKE VR) and Air-handling Units with Plate Heat Exchangers (CAKE VZ).

Predefined types