DoorMaster P

DoorMaster P

Air curtains DoorMaster P are designed for indoor installations above or next to the door of industrial buildings with a lot of traffic going in and out of the building. Typical places of installations are industrial buildings, storages, garages, services, car washes, drying houses, fairgrounds, markets etc. The suitability of particular type of air curtain should be consulted with producer or designer. These curtains can be used for doors up to 4,5 m long or they can be connected together to cover larger doors.

Top Price/Output Ratio

DoorMaster P air curtains have been designed to meet customer requirements for top functional solutions for their industrial plants at minimum cost.


VCP Control Units

VCP series control units are designed for interior use in dust-free and dry enviroments without chemicals.

Unique Design

This air curtain is designed as a high-pressure system. Air flow created by a single fan is blown though a special lamellar slit at high speed (10 – 16 m/s).